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Search Service, Anonymous Access and 401s
July 7, 2009, 11:26 pm
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In another semi-related post I was talking about anonymous access in SharePoint and a work around that can be used if you need to force authentication to work at the same time. It is as counter intuitive as it sounds…

An unexpected side affect of anonymous access can be that SharePoint web services might not work as expected. This certainly was the case in the situation I described in the other post but luckily Dave Wollerman describes a fix for this issue.

An issue I can see arising is when you start to disconnect what SharePoint is managing – configurations via central administration – versus what you are now directly responsible for managing with IIS then your maintenance headache increases. For example: In a farm you will need to make sure all front-ends are synchronised by changing the IIS settings on each server.

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Hello. Thank you for this great info! Keep up the good job!

Comment by johnny

Didn’t understood the last part :s could you explain better please?

Comment by molamola

SharePoint wraps/manages any settings for IIS via central admin and in a multi-server farm SharePoint makes sure all of the web servers have the same settings. If you change things manually in IIS then SharePoint wont know about those changes and you will need to directly manage each of the IIS changes on all of your front ends…just extra maintenance to be aware of.

Comment by nickhadlee

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